3 Potential Landing Spots For Dez Bryant


  • The need is there with the release of Jordy Nelson. Davante Adams is a great #1, and Cobb is a monster in the slot. Bryant fits in perfectly as a number two that is especially deadly in the redzone, and along with Jimmy Graham will score a lot of TDs for the Pack. They’ll need to possibly cut players or restructure contracts to make it work, but it’s very doable. Even on a one year deal this could be Dez’s chance at a big payday, as the Packers throw it a ton and he might put up big numbers on volume alone.


  • Once again a great fit in the offense opposite of TY Hilton, and the Colts have the ability to pay him the most of all the teams listed. The Colts need more weapons for Andrew Luck one way or another, and this would be one less hole they need to address through the draft. This is Dez’s best chance at financial stability and a multi year deal.


  • The front office has said one of their main focuses moving forward is to give Jimmy G more offensive weapons, and Dez could definitely provide that. This is another team that may have to get creative with the cap, but they are willing to do so as evidenced in the Richard Sherman deal. Although he would definitely be the best receiver on the roster, this may be a slightly tougher sell for the former Cowboy, as he would be drawing the opposing team’s best DB on a weekly basis. If Dez is looking for multiple big contracts in the remainder his career, he’ll have his work cut out for him to do it in San Francisco.

Other possible fits: Texans, Ravens, Cardinals


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